Take a Class at the d.school

Our project-based and experiential classes bring together students from all seven schools at Stanford to collaborate and tackle real-world challenges.

We offer classes for all types of students at Stanford, whether you’re pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. Some students are seeking to become experts in design and others are looking for skills they can use to amplify impact in their field of study.

Who can take classes at Stanford?

d.school classes are open to students enrolled at Stanford. However, we offer several programs beyond Stanford for university students, business leaders, designers, and educators – explore our Programs page.

Should I take a class related to my degree program?

We encourage students to take classes that will challenge their existing disciplinary mindset. Take a look at our current class offerings. 

How do I apply?

The d.school itself does not directly admit students or grant degrees. We offer interdisciplinary elective classes for students at Stanford. If you’re interested in a master’s degree, check out the Stanford Design Impact Program or one of the other relevant degree programs listed here. Students in these programs often take classes at the d.school.

How else can I build my design practice at Stanford?

There are classes and spaces across campus where you can deepen your design skills. Check out our resource detailing the design ecosystem at Stanford.

Types of Classes

Core Classes

In a core class, you can expect a well-rounded immersion in design that will flex your skills in most (if not all) core design abilities. While the subject matter and style of each course differs, our core classes will be your most comprehensive experiences of the practice of design. Offered for credit. Length varies.

Boost Classes

Boost classes help enhance your design toolkit. They aren’t comprehensive introductions to design thinking; rather, they zero in on two to three key abilities and offer a rigorous learning experience that will amplify your design skills no matter your experience level or areas of interest. Offered for credit. Length Varies.

Pop-out Experiences

If you’re looking for a short and engaging activity for a weekend, take a pop-out workshop. Pop-outs are immersive and take place out in the world at locations specific to the topic of the workshop. No credit offered. Length varies.


Explore and apply for Spring 2017 Pop-outs >

Current Quarter

Spring 2017

Applications are open through March 10. See each class page for more info.

Events and Announcements

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    19, 2017

    Apply for the Creativity in Research Scholars by May 19!

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    11, 2017

    Info Session: Creativity in Research Scholars on May 11

    Overviewd.school Creativity in Research Scholars are a disciplinary diverse set of Stanford PhD students. In addition to their primary research ...
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    1, 2017

    Night Launch

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    2, 2017

    Apply for Spring Classes & Workshops by March 10!

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    28, 2017

    LaunchPad's Product/Market Fit Assessment Lab

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    22, 2017

    Spring Pop-Outs & Workshops

    Try out a Pop-Out or workshop for a taste of experiential learning and design thinking. Pop-outs all take place out in the world in a relevant ...
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    22, 2017

    d.school Spring Preview

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